Burn body fat correctly physiologically

Burn body fat
Burn body fat

I’m gonna start with some questions:

  • How many times have you attempted to lose weight and it didn’t work out?
  • How many failures do you have in the area of weight loss?

Once, twice, one hundred? It doesn’t matter, I’m gonna explain you now step by step how it works.

As we age it becomes more difficult to lose weight and if your metabolism is stucked I need your undivided attention cause I’m gonna show you a completely different way to approach weight loss. For sure this is gonna change the course of your attempts.

You need a happy ending to the struggles, all I want is for you to be willing to learn something new. If you still have the slutterst consideration that you can’t be helped, read my article to the entire end and you’ll get the confidence that will work for you, promise that.

My advice is to get a pen and paper and take notes, because I need your maximum attention.

First of all, I’m gonna introduce myself, I’m Cristian Letchin, Soccer Coach and also Strength and Conditioning Trainer and have a confession to make: I used to be a junk food junkie. I was the worst, was a sugar addict, I would eat tons of junk food and I had no awareness of health.

Because of my chaotic life, I developed a mid Diabetes variant, Inflamation, Chronic Adrenal Burnout, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, my digestive system was all inflamed… I started getting this pizza crust around my mid section, I mean I was trying to gain weight in University and now trying to lose weight. That was like “what is going on with my body”? That was also because I cheated so much and I justified: “I’ll eat healthy when I’ll graduate from University” and then it went from that to “I’ll eat healthy when I’ll get older”, well, that only last it alone.

What that let me to was some huge discovery in the area of health that I wanna share with you and specifically weight loss. So here’s what I discovered. Are you ready?


They have to first get healthy to lose the weight ! It’s: get healthy first and then lose the weight second. Why? Because your weight it’s a symptom, it’s not the cause, it’s a symptom of an unhealthy body.

Losing weight is actually very unnaturally to the body, the body doesn’t like to lose weight. It goes against it’s purpose to survive so doesn’t lose like to lose anything, that’s why we have to understand that the weight is the tip of the iceberg.

The real think is something I’m gonna explain you next. The reason has to do it with the very specific HORMONE that’s holding down your metabolism. There are 2 sets of hormones: hormones that help you gain weight and hormones that help you lose weight.

Most advices focuses on the calories but they ignore the hormone triggers. Instead they try to stimulate the metabolism, they try to get you appetite suppressant, they are trying  to do some tricks to trick your metabolism through some exercises, but that is never going to work !

Now I’m gonna tell you the secret but I need your full attention because this is vital.

So the hormone that stopped you from losing weight is called INSULIN. Lot of people know this as related to Diabetes, but it has another function, a huge function, and it is the hormone that puts fat not only on your body but mainly on your mid section. It also prevents you from losing weight, it’s called THE FAT STORRAGE HORMONE, and here’s what people don’t realize:

!!! In the presence of even a tiny little bit of insulin all fat burning hormones are shut down !!!

What’s that mean? It means that if you consume half a glass of juice, glass of whine, even a piece of fruit, if you have a problem whith this hormone, you’re not gonna lose weight for the next 48 hours. When you see somebony with belly fat you can be 100% sure that person has too much insulin.

So, when insulin goes up a person gains weight, when insulin goes down a person loses weight. All physiology books I’ve studied before says like that:

All aspects of fat metabolism are greatly enhanced in the absence of insulin !

So we need to create an absence of insulin to lose weight.

Based on the information on the insulin you can predict what diet is gonna work and which one is not. So if you took the Atkins Diet or Weight Watchers or Vegan or Ketogenic Diet…. the question is: did any of these lower insulin?

Insulin is a switch that determines wether you burn fat or you make fat.

The next question is: What lowers insulin?

Here are the things:

1.) Cut CARBS.

2.) Avoid combining PROTEIN + SUGAR.

3.) Lean (low-fat) PROTEIN trigger insulin more than fattier PROTEINS.

4.) Excess of PROTEIN.

5.) MSG (Monosodium glutamate) – is a chemical that enlarges your taste buds to make the food taste more savory, to make it more delicious that it really is. All the fast foods places have MSG in there.

6.) STRESS – cortysol doesn’t increase the belly fat directly, it works through insulin, so STRESS increases INSULIN.

7.) Too frequent meals – if you eat more than 3 times a day that’s gonna spike insulin. Why? Because… eating in general increases insulin.

Let’s talk now about THE INSULIN RESISTANCE:

Insulin has become disfunctional , it’s become damaged to the point where it doesn’t work anymore. The body is resisting it because there’s to much of it. So it blocks it. People with insulin resistance have 5 to 7 times more insulin than normal people. I recommend you to make a fasting insulin test, no a fasting glucose test, it’s completely different.

Insulin resistanceis a pre-diabetic state  but lot of times it will not show up a normal test until it’s too late and you become a diabetic. Now I’m gonna show you the symptoms of insulin resistance.


1.) Belly fat – despite how many situps you do.

2.) Plateaued – despite eating healthy.

3.) Carbs reduce stress – you became less cranky.

4.) Crave sugar and carbs.

5.) Need for nap after eating.

6.) Brain fog, dementia, absent-mindedness – you start lacking of the clarity of focus.

7.) Worse eyesight – at night, your vision is worse.

8.) Not satisfied after eating – you need something sweet after you eat.

9.) The need to urinate in the middle of the night.

10.) Swollen belly as the day progresses.

Dangerous long-term side effects:

– heart disease;

– diabetes;

– fatty liver;

– high blood pressure;

– high cholesterol;

– stroke;

– dementia and alzheimer’s.


Medicine, healthcare, really is the management of symptoms, they are not getting you healthy. What’s missing in the healthcare is the health part. So what we wanna do is to get you healthy, then lose the weight, we wanna get the insulin system healthy, we wanna get the hormones healthier  so you have a chance to lose weight.

I came with another question: Can you do it food alone?. Mabe, but just if you have all organic food that’s from fertile soils that are from the farmer’s market or healthier store, products from soils that are very very healthy, you can probably do it. But here’s the problem: because pollution, all over the world, the soils are so depleted – because the farmers had not been putting the nutrition back in the soil. All has to do it with the richness of the soil, what makes the soil rich is the minerals. The minerals are necessary fot the vitamins to be made. So the plant can pull the minerals to make vitamins. Your food is only as healthy as the soil it grows on.

Let’s just take one mineral that insulin is depended on – Potassium. You need 4700 milligrams every single day. If a banana only have 300 milligrams, how many bananas it takes to equal that amount? The answer is 15 bananas.

You have to eat 15 bananas every single day to get your Potassium requirements.

Also avocados are high in Potassium, but still need 5 avocados every single day, or 7-10 cups of vegetable every single day to get your requirement for Potassium. Why is this? It’s weird. It has to do it with the soil.

We need food grown on organic nutrient dense soils that can provide enough nutrients to get us healthy.

An interesting option found during my research is: WHEAT GRASS JUICE POWDER

100% organic

No gluten / no GMO (genetically modified organisms)

Grown on ancient sea beds

The original plant that grows under the water breaks down minerals from the rocks and converts it into a plant base mineral, they are 100% absorbable, that’s a really cool property.

Bioactive dehydratation

Juice powder mixed with stevia extract.

KEY ELEMENTS during burning the body fat:






monosodium glumatate;






3 meals;

no snacks;

high quality protein;

7 cups veggies;

no sugar;

healthy fat.




MCT fats (medium chain triglycerides).


ACV (apple cider vinegar).



High Intensive Interval Training.

More sleep.



I hope you enjoyed my article and promise I’m gonna come up with add-ons and news in my next articles. Wish you all have a healthy life.


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