Losing weight motivation

Losing weight motivation
Losing weight motivation

How to stay motivated to lose weight? If you’re struggling to lose weight and you’ve got it on track and then you follow and off  track like many of us are trying to do, I’m gonna give you some practical tips.

Why am I qualified to talk about this? Well, because I have a strong educational background and studied a lot of personal development materials and also because I used to be overweight. I lost a lot of my body fat because of my knowledge in the field and also because I got that part of my life handled and I used some of these techniques to keep myself motivated to lose weight.

I think I have some valuable insights for you to read.

First, let’s talk about: Why are you doing this? I think the initial motivation for losing weight is critical to getting you to stay motivated. Because so many of us lose weight for the wrong reasons… and some really for the wrong reasons but it’s just that the way that we justify to ourselves it’s not inspiring enough.

You need to be inspired by what you’re doing, because losing weight in challenging and also it depends about how much weight you’re trying to lose. If you try to lose 5 kg of weight that’s not some inspiring motivational goal. And in fact you might struggle to lose 5 kg of weight more than you’d struggle to lose something like 30-50-70 kg of weight.

Because when you set a goal to lose let’s say 40 kg of fat, that’s a big undertaking, but, on the other hand, even though it’s a lot of work involved there and a lot of willpower has to go into a lot of dedication and diligence and discipline, the reason that you’re doing all that is big. Because you’re gonna see the difference what that’s gonna make in your life.

40 kg of fat out of your body, that’s  gonna make such a big difference in so many areas of your life… in your relationships, mabe at work, mabe your self-confidence, how you feel, how you look, how you look in photos, so many different things, your half, a million different things will be affected if you lose 40 kg. So, you’re gonna be motivated to do that.

If you’re only trying to lose 5 kg, that’s gonna be a little tricky because 5 kg is not gonna be such a big difference. 5 kg is something that most people probably won’t even notice and for sure it will be easy to gain those 5 kg back.

The point I’m trying to make here is not that you shoudn’t be trying to lose 5 kg, you should try to make that goal for yourself as well if that’s what you’re looking to do, but, make sure it’s inspiring. The goal that you have to set for yourself has to be inspiring and more than just a goal, has to be a vision.

What is the vision that you have for yourself? There vision here is something that you can see, you can picture very clearly, how you’re gonna look in the mirror 5 months from now, one year from now. Make sure you make a sustainable change and that you see making a lifestile change, not just a quick little change.

For example, bad reasons to lose weight:

  • because you have a wedding coming up;
  • because you have a High School graduation;
  • because you have a reunion;
  • because you have any kind of events;
  • because you try to impress others.

That’s never gonna work, those are horrible reasons for you to lose weight. For the moment you’ll be motivated but, in the long run it does nothing for you, nothing inside changes. You need to work on the psychology of why you’re overweight and why you keep falling off track. That’s really important.

Just sit down and say: What are the top 3 things that are really gonna change in my life if I lose this amount of weight? Sit down an write it down, what’s really gonna change and paint a picture in detail vividly. You have to create a vision for yourself.

For example, if you want to be in a fit shape to impress women, you’ll have the confidence to go out there and get really involved in the dating scenes, but for that, you have to picture in detail oll the benefits that will come from that including amasing sex and relationships. If you have the correct pictures that fits you, for sure you are 100% motivated.

If you’re 100% motivated you’ll have the energy to do lots of things, for example, to go to the gym double time, you’d clean up your diet and resist from eating too much double time, this is really important.

But if you have this nice starting motivation, you also need to sustain it, because, losing weight takes time, takes really months. You’re going to lose 1-1,5 kg per week, anyting else you’re gonna be losing beyond that is water loss, it’s not actually weight loss. And it takes a couple of weeks of just getting on the diet for that to kick in. So, how do you keep yourself motivated? Well, your vision is the core thing, that’s why I told you to write it down and spend 5-10 minutes every morning or every evening, whenever you’ve got some quiet time to really close your eyes and visualize what you’re gonna look like, whatever your motivations are.

Picture everything in vivid detail. You have to picture it because what it’s gonna happen it’s gonna happen in your subconscious mind, geared and on track. Because right now you have a conscious intention to lose weight and that’s good but you’re not helped enough by your unconscious mind. When you se goals, something has to change in there, you have to take action, it’s about changing the psychology for the actions to correspond to it.

In a certain number of weeks the actions will gonna line with what your subconscious is ultimately trying to achieve. You need to program the subconscious and the best way to do that is with those moment of visualization on your goal every morning, but, also affirmations will help.

When you do afirmations it’s actually saying short phrases or statements about what you want and you say it as you already have it today. Sounds a little bit silly but I’m telling you, that it really works as long as you do it consistently. Afirmation and visualization every morning will keep you motivated and keep you coming back to that vision. The future image is gonna inspire you. You have to reconnect with that vision on a daily basis, cause you’re just gonna forget and fall back into old habits.

You need to build a habit. To build a habit it takes about a month to two months (30-60 days). First 30 days are gonna be tough, you have to be very disciplined if you want the results. Every single time you feel on the point to give up just remind yourself that this is the first 30 days and this is as hard as it’s gonna be. It’s gonna be easier after each day.

I assure you that after 2 weeks it’s gonna be a conversation in your head, one part is gonna be like: “I really feel so tired, I can’t keep up with this routine, it’s too difficult and it’s never gonna work” (that’s the part of your subconscious that’s trying to drop you off) and it’s gonna be the other part of you that says: ”well, what if it could work?, how would that make you feel?, etc.”. You want that higher part to be armed with some good logic and reasons that he can use against the lower half. In a while, the strong part of your subconscious will be confident in the fact that the next day it’s going to be a little bit easier, because you’re building a habit.

With every week passing your actions and thoughts will be more and more easily taken and supported by your brain and bodyYou have to be disciplined to stay on track.

After building that routine, the next months will be like going through the motions and when you look back, those months just like flew by.

Another technique to use when you’re at the gym. Only think about one day at a time, baby steps. Don’t think to the fact that: “Oh, I have to go to the gym today and I have to go to the gym tomorrow and the next day, etc.”, don’t think like that. Focus on just completing today! All you have to do is take the right actions every single day but just focus on that one day.

Your will power throughout the day will diminish. At the beginning of the day you’re gonna feel good and then at the middle of the day you’ll feel a little tired and at the end of the day you’re gonna have an urge to not go to the gym or to quit or break your diet, eat unhealthy, grab some fast food or whatever.

At the end of you day your will power will be drained, what you’ve got to do is just remind yourself that this is the hardest part of the day and if I can make it through, just focus on today. I don’t wanna add any more pressure on myself on thinking how I’m gonna do tomorrow, or the next day.

The next day you’re gonna have a renewal of energy and this cycle is gona restart, but it’s gonna be easier.

Don’t say “I want to lose weight”, correct is “I’ll make a complete life change, I’ve changind my relationship to food” and the fact I accepted the cost.

Don’t make changes that are so radical that you can’t live with them! Every change vill have to be really sustainable.

You don’t have to lose to much kg in short amount of time because your body will receive that as a stress and you may get into a negative spiral and definitely in chronic fatigue!

But you do have to radically change the composition of the food that you’re eating. So, much less carbs, cut up sugar, take more protein, more healthy fats, hydrate properly, exercise, sleep and rest.

Set the right expectations and stay happy doing all these, the only reason it will not work is if you’ll not do all these consistently. Consistency is key, you don’t have to wory about, just believe and have faith in yourself.

Don’t expect too much and too fast!


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