Strength & conditioning

Generally, the Strength and Conditioning Trainer performs work in the field of sports performance and is the employee of either National federations, Sports associations or Clubs, or other public or private institutions.

The Strength and Conditioning Trainer is the specialist who deals with the physical training of athletes; physical training, which is considered one of the most important factors of sports training, in order to achieve maximum performance.

The main goals of the Strength and Conditioning Trainer are to increase the physiological potential of the athletes and to develop the motoring qualities at the highest level, physical training being the so-called “keystone” for all the other training factors.

Within an organized and rigorously planned program, the Strength and Conditioning Trainer follows the complete and complex physical training of performance athletes.

The Strength and Conditioning Trainer can be part of the team of specialists coordinating the training of the athletes from the National teams, having responsibilities in achieving the physical training objectives, with major involvement in the achievement of the performance objectives.

The Strength and Conditioning Trainer is the one who develops the plan and programs of physical training at the junior, youth and seniors teams; he can also participate in the primary, intermediate and final selection process for choosing  a squad.

The Strength and Conditioning Trainer provides the regeneration and recovery program by applying specific training methods and also borrowed from other sports disciplines, contributing to the scientific direction of sports training and avoiding over-training.

He prepares the evaluation and applies assessment methods, documents and reports on the results of the tests.

The Strength and Conditioning specialist proves basic theoretical knowledge and specific branch of sport, knowledge of regulation, competitive systems, knowledge about the preparation and unfolding of various physical, complex, specific physical activities, knowledge about the human body, its physiology and biochemistry, knowledge of biomechanics, etc..

The specialst communicates with the athletes, the technical staff, the tutelary force and the athletes families, proving flexibility and adaptability in various contexts, but also creativity, enthusiasm and passion. He also has to prove rigorous in carrying out the tasks proposed and planned in the planning.

The Strength and Conditioning Trainer must be concerned about his professionally development by participating in training programs and activities organized by the tutelary force, and also, proving self-training capacity and the desire to become better professionally trained.


In general, preparatorul fizic isi desfasoara activitatea in domeniul sportului de performanta si este angajatul fie a federatiilor nationale, asociatiilor sau cluburi sportive, sau alte institutii din domeniul public sau privat.

Preparatorul fizic este specialistul care se ocupa de pregatirea fizica a sportivilor, aceasta fiind considerata unul din cei mai importanti factori ai antrenamentului sportiv, in scopul obtinerii performantei maxime.

Principalele obiective ale preparatorului fizic sunt cresterea potentialului fiziologic al sportivilor si dezvoltarea calitatilor motrice la cel mai inalt nivel, pregatirea fizica fiind asa numita “cheie de bolta” pentru toti ceilalti factori ai antrenamentului sportiv.

In cadrul unui program organizat si riguros planificat, preparatorul fizic urmareste pregatirea fizica completa si complexa a sportivilor de performanta.

Preparatorul fizic poate face parte din echipa de specialisti ce coordoneaza activitatea de pregatire a sportivilor din loturile nationale, el avand responsabilitati in indeplinirea obiectivelor de pregatire fizica, cu implicare majora in realizarea obiectivelor de performanta.

Preparatorul fizic este cel care elaboreaza planul si programele de pregatire fizica la nivelul echipelor de juniori, tineret si seniori si de asemenea, el poate participa la procesul de selectie primara, intermediara si finala in vederea alcatuirii lotului, echipei.

Preparatorul fizic deruleaza programul de refacere si recuperare prin aplicarea de mijloace specifice antrenamentului dar si imprumutate din alte discipline sportive contribuind la dirijarea stiintifica a antrenamentului sportiv si evitarea supraantrenamentului.

Preparatorul fizic pregateste evaluarea si aplica metodele de evaluare, realizeaza documente si rapoarte privind rezultatele inregistrate la probe si testari.

Preparatorul fizic dovedeste cunostinte teoretice de baza si specifice ramurii de sport, cunostinte de regulament, sisteme competitionale, cunostinte despre pregatirea si desfasurarea unor activitati fizice variate, complexe, specifice, cunostinte despre corpul uman, fiziologia si biochimia acestuia, cunostinte de biomecanica, etc.

Preparatorul fizic, comunica cu sportivii, cu staff-ul tehnic, cu forul tutelar, dar si cu familiile sportivilor participanti la activitatile de instruire din cadrul antrenamentelor sportive, dovedind flexibilitate si adaptabilitate in contexte diverse, dar si creativitate, entuziasm si pasiune.

Preparatorul fizic trebuie sa se preocupe in sensul dezvoltarii proprii din punct de vedere profesional, participand la programe si activitati de perfectionare organizate de forul tutelar dar si dovedind capacitate de autoinstruire si dorinta de a deveni mai bine pregatit profesional.