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Bachelor's degree or Master's degree thesis
Bachelor’s degree or Master’s degree thesis

Diploma papers such as: the Bachelor’s or Dissertation thesis represents the final point of the study years during the faculty, the crowning of these years of study will be transposed into the individual project of the student ~ we all want to have successful projects to score maximum marks. The mentor teacher can have a large number of students on guidance and does not have the time to explain in detail, or mabe you want more information. Do not hesitate to contact me for advices at: +40.772.285.214 !


Every year there are national and international Sports Research Conference Paper Competitions that brings exciting and innovative insight and changes to the way we analyze sports. All those conferences are incredible opportunity to reach a diverse audience while still contributing to the advancement of analytics in sports. In this aspect, I can help you to design, organize the research, make conclusions and proposals, fill up the papers ~ the abstract, the most valuable information in the document, layout… etc.. Do not hesitate to contact me for advices at: +40.772.285.214 !



I offer consulting for designing specialized materials in Physical Education and Sport domain:

  • Sports attestation thesis.
  • Bachelor’s degree thesis.
  • Master’s degree thesis.
  • Papers for organising scientific conferences.
  • Power-Point Presentations.
  • Drawing up and organizing a book.


I offer tips for:

  • Facilitating the correct writing by the graduate of the thesis.
  • Streamlining the work coordination activities.
  • Increasing the quality level of the work.
  • Drafting rules of the paper work.
  • Rules for presenting the paper and the project in Power Point.
  • Selecting the right bibliography.


Contact me for advices at:

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Lucrare de Licenta sau de Disertatie
Lucrare de Licenta sau de Disertatie

Lucrarile de diploma precum: lucrarea de licenta sau de dizertatie reprezinta finalitatea anilor de studiu in perioada facultatii, incoronarea acestor ani de studiu va fi transpusa in proiectul individual al elevului; cu toti ne dorim sa avem proiecte de succes si sa luam note cat mai mari.

Profesorul indrumator poate avea un numar mare de studenti la indrumare si nu are timpul necesar sa explice in detaliu, sau poate doriti sa aflati mai multe informatii. Nu ezitati sa ma contactati la numarul: (“+40.722.285.214”)!


In fiecare an exista Competitii si Sesiuni nationale si internationale de cercetare in domeniul sportului, care ofera o viziune interesanta si inovatoare si bineinteles, schimbari in modul in care analizam sportul. Toate aceste conferinte reprezinta o ocazie incredibila de a ajunge la o audienta diversa, contribuind in acelasi timp la avansarea analizelor in sport. In acest aspect, va pot ajuta sa proiectati, sa organizati cercetarea, sa faceti concluzii si propuneri, sa aranjati lucrarile ~ rezumatul, cele mai valoroase informatii din document, asezarea in pagina… etc.. Nu ezitati sa ma contactati la numarul: (“+40.722.285.214”)!


Ofer servicii de consultanta pentru proiectarea de materiale specializate in domeniul Educatie Fizica si Sport:

  • Lucrare de Atestat sportiv.
  • Lucrare de Licenta.
  • Lucrare de Disertatie.
  • Lucrari de participare la Conferinte Stiintifice.
  • Prezentari in Power-Point.
  • Elaborarea si organizarea unei carti.


Va ofer sfaturi pentru:

  • Reguli de redactare a lucrarilor.
  • Eficientizarea activitatii de coordonare a activitatii.
  • Cresterea nivelului calitatii proiectului.
  • Elaborarea regulilor.
  • Drafting rules of the paper work.
  • Reguli de prezentare a lucrarilor si a prezentarii in Power Point.
  • Selectarea celor mai importanti autori pentru consituirea bibliografiei.


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